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Candle - Teak Orb & 'OLE'


Spicy & Sensual, 'Ole' lures you in with a moody mix of white amber, wood and spice.  Smooth music, dim lights and Ole nights.

11cm diameter orb

220g candle  40 hour burn time

Hand Poured in Australia

This Teak Orb is refillable with either a Clear Glass or Smokey Glass Refill

The wooden orb shells are individually handmade. They are
one of a kind and not factory manufactured. Each Orb is
lovingly hand crafted, hand turned, and hand finished.
Being a hand turned product there will be subtle variations
and colouration, from one piece to the next, caused by
variations in the wood as well as the hand crafting. There is
a desirability that goes with the knowledge that you are
buying a one off, hand crafted item.

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