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Candle - Teak Orb & 'OTTO'


Mesmerising & Sophisticated

An abundant, freshly cut, bouquet of roses and magnolias accompanied by lush, deep green foliage and hints of gardenia.   A tribute to the florist shop!

11cm diameter orb

220g candle  40 hour burn time

Hand Poured in Australia

This Teak Orb is refillable with either a Clear Glass or Smokey Glass Refill

The wooden orb shells are individually handmade. They are
one of a kind and not factory manufactured. Each Orb is
lovingly hand crafted, hand turned, and hand finished.
Being a hand turned product there will be subtle variations
and colouration, from one piece to the next, caused by
variations in the wood as well as the hand crafting. There is
a desirability that goes with the knowledge that you are
buying a one off, hand crafted item.

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