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Diffuser - Woodlook


Diffuser - This Ultrasonic Diffuser with the scent of your choice, is sure to evoke moods from restful to up-lifting, passionate to calm.


Aromatherapy. Enjoy the ultimate aromatherapy experience from this sleek ultrasonic diffuser using your favourite fragrance. Advanced ultrasonic technology produces vibrations at a high frequency turning the water and fragrance used into a fine mist. No heating element is used making this diffuser extremely safe to use.

Humidifier - Moisturises and refreshes the quality of the air in your home or office. Highly recommended for spaces where air conditioning and heating are used.

Decorative Lighting - Depending on your personal preference, this diffuser can be used with softly coloured lights of red, blue, purple and green that ease from one to the other creating ambience in your home or it can be used with no lights at all.


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